Welcome to Alpharabi for Veterinary & Agriculture Products Industry

AlPharabi for Veterinary Medicines Industry L.L.C. considered as a great leader in the market of Veterinary Medicine field.

The company has adopted the principle of scientific research and development, both at the level of the veterinary industry to meet the needs of all categories (animals and small animals - poultry - domestic animals & birds and bee) or the level of manufacturing all pharmaceutical forms (Liquids - Powder - Injection - Tablets and Suppositories - Sterilizers –and Salt Stones).

The company produces therapeutic and preventive products in addition to its production of various feed additives, including vitamins, mineral salts, rare metals, amino acids in distinct combinations.

AlPharabi produces about 220 veterinary medicines licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform. The factory and the products are subject to permanent drug control in the relevant government laboratories.

The company covers all Syrian districts through a distribution network (Drug stores - Agents - Distributors) in all country.

The company registered in a number of Arab and Foreign countries and exports to many Arab countries through a network of exclusive accredited agents.

The company has GMP certificate.

The company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Pharmaceutical shapes and production lines

Liquids: Produced in liquid and suspended forms and packaged from 15 ml droppers to packages of different sizes from 100 ml to 5000 ml.

Powders: Produced in the form of powders of the two types of treatment (antibiotics, antifungal, parasitic antifungal) or feed additives (vitamins and minerals).

Injections: These products for Im, Iv, Scb injection, and in liquid and suspended forms as therapeutic and supportive types, such as vitamins and minerals.

Pills: Oral pills for (large animals - small animals and birds) also the solid uterine suppositories.

Ointments: It produces external ointments and infusions (uterine - udder) in addition to oral paste.

Sterilizers: Sterilizers for disinfecting barns and chicken hangars.

Salt stones: Salt stones produced in various types (mineral salts - vitamins) for livestock in weights of 50 g - 3, 5 and 10 kg.

Pharmaceutical form Classification

  • 1- Individual Treatment Medicines: A complete range of individual treatment medications for ex.bloating cases, Ketosis, Diarrhea, etc.

  • 2- Internal and external Ointments: A wide range of external ointments and internal infusions that takes care of skin, udder and uterine infections as well as eye infections.

  • 3- Internal Parasites & Coccidiosis: A wide range of internal parasites, coccidiosis, tapeworms, pulmonary, and hepatic in all their classifications.

  • 4- Antibiotics and Sulfa compounds: A wide range of antibiotics and sulfa compounds to treat respiratory and gastrointestinal infections.

  • 5- Vitamins and Food supplements: AlPharabi produce a wide range of Premixes including vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids.

  • 6- Injectable medicines: A wide range of anti-inflammatory, vitamins, mineral salts, and internal and external antiparasitic.

  • 7- Bird and Pets medicines: A wide range of medicines for birds and pets Includes all anti-inflammatory, anti-antiparasitic, vitamins and Tonics.

  • 8- Bee medicines: A wide range of medicines for bees Such as antibiotics, vitamins and proteins.

  • 9- Miscellaneous medicines: Such as antipyretics, expectorants and immunomodulators.

Special Products

Pet and Birds medicines: It covers all the needs of pets (dogs - cats) in addition to birds and pigeons. These products include therapeutic drugs, tonics and vitamins in various combinations.

Bee Medicine: AlPharabi is characterized by the production of a wide variety of 12 products for bee as therapeutic drugs or vitamins and produced in two pharmaceutical forms (powder - liquid)

Why choose Al Pharabi

  • Al pharabi is characterized by presenting high quality products at a competitive price and by after-sales services provided to its customers.Al pharabi products are spread in all governorates of the Syrian Arab Republic through the large distribution connecions.

    The company's products also cover many Arab countries through its authorized agents.