Welcome to Alpharabi for Veterinary & Agriculture Products Industry

On July 3, 2023, Al-Buraimi Industrial City, affiliated to the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates "Madayn", signed a contract with Alpharabi Company for veterinary & agricultural medicines industry, to establish a project for veterinary and agricultural medicines industry, nutritional supplements, vitamins and feed additives on an area exceeding 6 thousand square meters

This project is the first of its kind in Oman Sultanate, as it is considered one of the important and supportive projects for the region in general

It produces veterinary medicines according to the latest standards followed in the veterinary medicine manufacturing (c GMP), including: vitamins, feed additives, mycotoxins, antibiotics, and individual processing products , which constitutes an added value to the industrial city and covers the local market and secures the provision of this vital and strategic product in Oman Sultanate due to its animal wealth, in addition to exporting the product to the company's agents spread in a number of Arab and African countries and thus contribute to strengthening and increasing the sources of national income

The project will also provide a set of jobs in addition to attracting some service projects, which can benefit entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium-sized companies in Oman Sultanate

Pharmaceutical forms and production lines

  • Liquids & Syrup production line: Produces preparations in their liquid and suspension forms, with packaging starting from 15 ml droppers to containers of different sizes from 100 ml to 5000ml

  • Powder production line: Produces preparations in the form of powders of both therapeutic types (antibiotics, antifungals, antiparasitic) or feed additives (vitamins and mineral salts).

  • Tablet & capsule production line: Produces oral tablets & capsule for (large animals - small animals and ornamental birds) and hard uterine suppositories

Why choose Al Pharabi

  • ALPHARABI distinguished:

  • - By providing high quality products

  • - Competitive prices.

  • - Distinctive after-sales services provided to its customers

  • - Constant development and striving to keep pace with requirements and achieve the best

  • - Wide spread in the Arab world and some African countries